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Dermatology Articles

It's neglect when parents distrust modern medicine

The tragic case of Gloria Thomas, who died of the complications of severe eczema, highlights a dilemma faced by all doctors who work in pediatrics: parents whose strongly held health beliefs are clearly not in the best interests of their child ("Couple shattered by guilty verdict", June 6-7).

Pep Returns To Peplin

ACTIVITY at dermatology drug developer Peplin continues following an aborted attempt to list on the Nasdaq. The Brisbane-based company announced it had raised $US24 million ($A27.6 million) through a private placement of shares to help finance phase III clinical trials for its weed-derived PEP005 gel to treat a skin more

News Scans

SNAPPING SKIN Skin cancer in Australia is not just part of life, it's part of the national consciousness. US research published in the Archives of Dermatology suggest adding a camera to our self-care can help. People who took photos of their skin, then checked themselves against those photos re

Delving Deep Into Dermatology

Biotech company EpiTan Ltd yesterday announced plans for further expansion into the dermatology and skin care markets.

It's Not Brain Surgery, But Music's A Balm For Doctors Of Note

In other lives, they cut and slice. The cellist specialises in cosmetic dermatology, the viola player moonlights as a Melbourne cardiac surgeon, the principal violinist is an anaesthetist and the flautist is a renal physician.